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Missing Persons: 

Missing Persons - Maverick Private Investigators Inc.

I have personally worked with the Missing Children’s Network since 2005 as Youth Investigator for SPVM with the Youth Squad frontline services with families whose child has disappeared.

I have personally intervened in all types of disappearances examples: (parental abductions, runaways, criminal abductions, as well as those of unknown circumstances).


I have worked with youth and young adults for over 41 years.  Before joining the Police Force I worked as a Child Care Worker for Batshaw Youth services from (1980-1988.)

Maverick Private Investigator (retired Detectives SPVM) act as a liaison between the parents and the police;

  • We meet families to obtaining all relevant information pertaining to their missing child;

  • Assist in investigations with my Police contacts, Missing Children’s Network and other resources.

  • We analyse clues, social media where kids live today. Get pertinent data and we always ensuring the proper follow-ups by giving our personal cell phone for texts, photos & etc.....

  • Provide families with social services, support networks, local churches, with Professional advice, emotional, and spiritual support.

  • We deal with all types of disappearances runaways parental abductions, criminal abductions, etc..)

  • We assist the professional Institutions such as the SPVM (Montreal Police Service), the Sûreté du Québec and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,

  • We at Maverick Private Investigators love children and Young Adults. They are our future!

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