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Marital Indisretion: 

Marital Indisretion - Maverick Private Investigators Inc.
Marital Indisretion - Maverick Private Investigators Inc.

Is your spouse involved in an extra-marital affair? Before considering divorce, let Maverick Private Investigators  help eliminate any doubts.  Let us be your eyes and ears. Knowing is half the battle.

Marital Indiscretion (questionable behaviours) Four key factors for a relationship on the rocks :


  1. Unexplained absences.
    A change in schedule, secretive or escalating absences, having more meetings back at work, those kinds of lame excuses.

  2. Emotional disconnect
    A real tell-tale sign, is when your husband or wife starts to distance themselves from you intimately, emotionally and quality time.

    Emotional disconnect can be as easily explained by stress at work, business, school. Business and etc..

    Started having doubts, beginning to feel a lack of sexual contact, touch, little kisses, love notes, inmate monthly evenings, lack of friendship is not what it use to be. Angry blow up, flirting, on porn sites, or you have been the subject of more anger and complaints than seem reasonable. Criticizing in the all circumstances, or like your partner has been looking for faults in you...

    These could be signs of something is up. When your best friend is not your friend anymore.

    Going to bed at different times!


  3. Secretive cell phone behaviour
    You notice your spouse is spending more time on the cell phone or Internet net, erases cookies cell memory, history, change password, hide telephone bill.

  4. Lying
    Addressing potential cheating. "If you got doubts, confront the behaviour," Don’t go directing to accusing. Example: ’Honey I am feeling that we are not on the same page, is there something that has changed in our relationship?”

    DO NOT! "Leap immediately into accusations! Are you having an affair? "Are you coming from Jennifer's house?" "I am concerned darling and I have noticed this and that?" Help me honey, I need to understand what's going on? "To be honest with you, you are starting to worry me!" " Is there someone else?" (make hand and eye contact)".


Professionals state the importance of "asking from a concerned place rather than an (accusing stance) attacking stance," The way in which the partner responds could be an insight to their behaviour.

In your spouse’s response they might find them rushing to reassure you. They might express ``I concerned you feel that way? `` Get ready for the guilt trip. Response: "Oh come  on are you kidding me? Are you serious? What is happening to our relationship? Don't be silly and they just walk out of the room… the relationship IS ON THE ROCKS AND YOU MIGHT NEED to track them with a GPS? ``

" Don't be dismissed you are not in school. A couple that love each other will work to fix that problem rather than ignore it."

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